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UPS Options for Canada/Rest of the World Please Read

We’ve added UPS to our shipping for out of the USA.

For Canada this is a drastic savings, for example you can ship 50 DVD’s/Blus (with cases) for $27USD now.

For UK, UPS doesn’t save until the 4lb mark (20 titles and above) but for 10lbs it’s $65USD, which is 50 titles.

For Australia, USPS is still suspended, but there are UPS options. They are expensive for small orders, but there’s some sweet spots 2lbs and over.

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Shipping Changes to Canada/Outside USA

Sadly, Paypal is no longer handling printing of shipping labels directly. As a result of this, we are no longer able to ship packages to Canada and the Rest of the World for the low rates we were previously. If you have an order that is processing (label has not been shipped) and you were previously charged a “Flat Rate” ($3.99 for Canada $9.99 for Rest of the World) we will be emailing you with the cost of the difference in what you paid and what the label will cost us. You can then choose to pay the difference or cancel the order.

Moving forward, we added actual table shipping methods for Canada/Rest of the World. There’s a higher starting point but there is still some sweet spots to be had. So add items to cart/calculate play with your cart. These are actual shipping costs, so no hidden charges.

Sorry for any annoyances this may cause, it’s annoying for us as well. We really enjoyed offering such competitive pricing outside of the USA.