FAQ & Contact

*UDPATED June 14th, 2024*

These are the most common emails we receive on a daily basis, and the answers:

  1. Where is my order? Please see below for current info on handling times . All non rush orders are printed in order, and batch duplicated. If you would like to speed up this process add Rush Processing under order options.
  2. I ordered X amount of days ago and haven’t received anything notification yet? Please check the current times below. Once a label has been printed you will receive an email from site with info.
  3. How long does it take for an order to ship? Please see current turnaround time(s) below on this FAQ section of website.
  4. Can I request a title? Yes, email any requests to requests@sloppysecondsales.com.
  5. I sent a request email and haven’t heard anything back from you, what gives? We receive plenty of requests, and we go through them weekly. That being said, you will only receive a reply back if/when we fill a request.
  6. Why do you only charge X when X charges a lot more? We try to charge specifically for the -time- involved and the supplies/cost of operation. We don’t charge based on content. For example, Regular CDN Blurays have a set price, Blackseries (Multi Film) sets have a set price, even though some titles have 12+ hours of content. They cost the same amount of time for us to duplicate.
  7. Why does it taking so long to fill my order? We receive upwards of 60 orders per day, and everything is made to order. We try our best to keep things less than 15 business days, but at times that’s just not possible. The only options would be to raise prices, but this is obviously not what anyone wants. So with the reasonable pricing, comes some patience.
  8. My cases arrived cracked can I get a replacement no charge? As of January 2022, we only replace cases for orders that added the box protection/guarantee. If you would like a box/the ability to have cases replaced please search for “box protection” and add it to cart along with your items.
  9. I placed an “Add to processing…” order to combine with a previous order and it wasn’t combined. What gives? The site will only auto combine if you are logged into your account for all orders, and all the info is -identical- on all orders. We are not responsible for shipping costs if things don’t auto combine. So keep that in mind when making subsequent orders. Any orders using “Add to processing” -prior- to any orders with -paid- shipping will be put on hold and you will have to reach out to arrange payment with support.
  10. I accidently placed an order 2x times can you please cancel 1 of them? We will try and accomodate these requests, but because of the way we batch process it’s just not always possible. We do not offer refunds/cancellations after the fact. If there’s 2x order #’s then the order was placed twice. Shipstation also autocombines orders and prints them so if this happens then sadly we cannot do anything about it.

CURRENT TURNAROUND TIMES (as of June 14th,2024).

*NOTE* We’ve hired an additional employee for the duplication office, so we are hoping to drastically reduce wait times. This may take a few weeks to catch up.

All non rush orders should be considered a preorder at this point. As of June 14th, non rush orders (of 2 or more items) are filled up to May 1st.

Rough Estimates (Do not email saying an order has passed any of these time frames):

Orders with 1 item: Labels printed within 1-15 business days.

Orders with 2+: Labels printed within 25-50 business days.

Rush Orders: Labels printed within 48 hours (usually same or next business day).

Rush orders will be printed/labeled within 48 hours, so you will be skipping the lead time entirely. Orders will still queue for batch duplication but this is the fastest way.

If you are in a rush, please add rush processing under order options.

Please keep in mind once a label has been printed your order queues for duplication. This means the tracking will not update until it’s physically picked up by USPS. Please do not send emails saying your label/package hasn’t been picked up yet.


You can use the “Add to processing” shipping option -only- if you have a PROCESSING order (With Paid Shipping) BEFORE that order. Orders in PULLING are not processing and cannot be combined. ANY orders with .00 shipping paid and no PRIOR PROCESSING (Paid Shipping) orders will be put on HOLD until customer contacts support to arrange for payment of shipping.

Just to reiterate, we will ship NO orders that do NOT have paid shipping, under ANY circumstance wether user error or due to a site glitch.


While we do offer disc replacements, we require photo proof and your make/model of the player. If a replacement is approved, it will be printed and queued up for replacement. Because 99.9% percent of disc issues are player/media compatibility issues we test all replacements discs in FULL during office hours, in order before going out to eliminate any question about the replacement playing or not. Because of this, replacement do not go out the next day.


If you have further questions that are not outlined in this FAQ please email support. Any emails that can be answered via this FAQ will most likely not be replied to.