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UPS Options for Canada/Rest of the World Please Read

We’ve added UPS to our shipping for out of the USA.

For Canada this is a drastic savings, for example you can ship 50 DVD’s/Blus (with cases) for $27USD now.

For UK, UPS doesn’t save until the 4lb mark (20 titles and above) but for 10lbs it’s $65USD, which is 50 titles.

For Australia, USPS is still suspended, but there are UPS options. They are expensive for small orders, but there’s some sweet spots 2lbs and over.

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Shipping Changes to Canada/Outside USA

Sadly, Paypal is no longer handling printing of shipping labels directly. As a result of this, we are no longer able to ship packages to Canada and the Rest of the World for the low rates we were previously. If you have an order that is processing (label has not been shipped) and you were previously charged a “Flat Rate” ($3.99 for Canada $9.99 for Rest of the World) we will be emailing you with the cost of the difference in what you paid and what the label will cost us. You can then choose to pay the difference or cancel the order.

Moving forward, we added actual table shipping methods for Canada/Rest of the World. There’s a higher starting point but there is still some sweet spots to be had. So add items to cart/calculate play with your cart. These are actual shipping costs, so no hidden charges.

Sorry for any annoyances this may cause, it’s annoying for us as well. We really enjoyed offering such competitive pricing outside of the USA.

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Happy Holidays/New Year – Looking forward.

First off a big Thank You and Happy Holidays to those that celebrate. It’s been a long/huge year for us. We’ve finally put a dent in turn around times without raising prices, and things are running ALOT more smoothly.

Just a few things about this coming year. While not a ton, we do get random people that are just impatient and rude. In these situations we are going to start just refunding/cancelling orders. Obviously we have wait times on this site, so cancelling a few orders isn’t going to do anything but speed things up. Also opening a Paypal is a quick way to -not- get what you want. If an order hasn’t shipped yet and you open a case, we will quickly refund/cancel your order. If order has already been shipped/received and you open a case, we will escalate and Paypal will make you return your entire order and you will loose shipping costs in both directions. We have a ticket system- if you have an issue contact us first. Also if you email us repeatedly asking for when an order will ship, you will be ignored. We have a full FAQ on site, and we are not capable of giving a specific date. We go in order, or when a batch is ready. Once a label has been printed, you will know it’s being worked on. Now all that negative out the way let’s discuss some plans for making things better…


Previously we posted a listing with no cover art, and people would preorder and it would (potentially) make an entire order delayed upwards of 2 months. Our new plan is to design the cover/author the disc and list it as a new item just like anything else. It will then queue with the rest of the items. This doesn’t mean they will ship the next day, but give or take a week new items will ship just like anything else.


We are stopping the invoices for Paypal, as well as “stamped” postage going forward. New BOOTBOX’s will be added to the site just like a new item. They can be ordered alone or added to other items from site. They will also be tracked. If you are subscribed, stay tuned for a more detailed email about this.


We have been doing replacements a bit differently lately. 99.9% of the time, disc issues are with the end user’s player so we have a new system for requesting replacement discs. This will be a new section added to the site with a full breakdown of what to do in the event a disc doesn’t play. In the meantime you can open a ticket for service.

Also, keep in mind replacements take time as well. We burn them separately from our duplicators and we test them on standalone before mailing.

Other Merch:

We’ve been working on this for around a month now, but stay tuned for non-disc related merch and goods.

Removing Titles:

You’ve probably noticed this, but we did send a warning email of sorts months ago. We’ve been removing items for various reasons. Some are quality based, we don’t have a good source and people complain all the time so it’s just not worth the hassle. Some we have received word directly from Boutique labels they are working on a release. And some just rarely sell and it’s not worth keeping it in rotation. If there’s something removed you may have missed, feel free to email we may have a copy or two laying around.

While we are on the subject of quality, we plan on adding a separate section on site explaining quality of various types of releases, so there’s less confusion or expectation. We receive way too many emails of people complaining of a VHS source not looking good on their 4K TV, so we want to have a section that goes into detail.


Thank You for all the support and patience while we iron things out. This year should operate smoothly and we look forward to releasing more titles (and putting a larger dent in the request email queue).

Team Sloppy