Refund and Returns Policy

We offer full disc replacements for any defective discs received. We only offer replacements for damaged cases and covers if you added box protection to your order (see FAQ for more info on this). We do need a few things from you before issuing any replacements. We need your full make/model of player(s) having the issue, description of the issue, and a photo of the underside of the disc(s) having issues. Please open a ticket or send a detailed email to support at to begin the process.

We do not currently accept returns or refunds, but if a situation arises that we accept a return, we do not refund initial shipping nor do we pay for return shipping. In addition any cases damaged or defective will be deducted from your refund. The items must be able to be resold, anything needing replaced will come out of the refund amount.

Becase of the way we batch duplication we cannot “cancel” orders after they have moved to “processing”.

We do not offer replacements for any quality related issues. If you have any questions about quality you can feel free to message us and we will be up front. But the general rundown is:

  1. A Single Movie on a Single Bluray comes from an HD source unless otherwise noted.
  2. A Single Bluray with Multiple Films (i.e. Blackseries, CDN Classics, Archives, TV series etc) derive from SD sources. They are on Bluray strictly for economics and convinience.
  3. DVD’s are always sourced from SD material. Playing SD material back on a 1080p setup will stretch/upscale. And even further, playing SD material back on a 4K setup will stretch it even further. Please consider your setup when purchasing.

Some players have issues with recordable media in general. We are not responsible if your player cannot play them. We test all of our masters on PS4, PS5 and a cheap $40 Philips Standalone Bluray player from Walmart.

To add, the more expensive Samsung 4K players have a harder time with recordable content, then the $40 Philips via Walmart. So we recommend you going that route if you want to play recordable media with ease.