BOOTBOX Archive One (001-004) Bluray Horror Exploitation Gore


BOOTBOX Archive One (001-004) Bluray Horror Exploitation Gore

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Includes all films from the first 4 BOOTBOX DVD’s plus 2 hours of trailers (13 hours of content in total).
001 –
Snoerr aka Snot (1993)

One day Otto makes a major fatal error when he is to clean in the laboratory.

Machining (2001)
Horla (1998)
Manjha (2008)

Amok aka The R@pe (1963)

After escaping from a juvenile correctional institution, nine women find refuge in a deserted island, where seven men, led by an ex-Nazi, are searching for a buried treasure. Can they survive when there’s nowhere to hide?

Cariosus (2015)
Love Doll aka Grandeur Nature (1974)

Michel is a middle aged man with a troubled marriage. He feels lonely, has been unfaithful to his wife Isabelle in various occasions, and despite she seems to accept this situation, they both grow apart. Eventually Michel falls in love with the most unexpected “perfect woman”: a mannequin.

Alicia (1994)

After her first menstruation, Alicia is kidnapped and led by fly-men to a dirty and unhealthy underworld ruled by a disgusting being.

Kataude aka The Arm (2010)

This 45-minute film is about a man who borrows a woman’s living arm for the evening.

Midvinterblot (1946)

Depicts the suggestive empathy the Old Norse blood sacrifice.

Pig Chicken Suicide (1981)

Pig Chicken Suicide is a veritable assault on the senses, mixing violent images of animal slaughter, racial strife and surrealism to tell the story of two Koreans living in Japan who’s love is destroyed due to overwhelming racial discrimination.

Newlywed Hell (1975)

The young and beautiful Yuki decides to leave her husband. She goes back to the place where she grew up. There she is initiated to S&M and bondage. But is it really the perfect cure to forget all about her past and regain happiness?

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