Category 3 Classics Volume Four


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English Subtitles.


Girl$ (2010)

Four young women are tempted by the money that can be earned in prostitution. They have to learn in their own way that nothing comes without a price.


Indecent Beast (1994)

Wei Zeng Jing, the president of a company, maintains an extramarital relationship with a beautiful girl, Yi Ling. His wife, however, will hire a private investigator and soon discover the infidelity.

Indecent Woman (1999)

Upon knowing that her husband purposefully exchanged her body for business, Lam loses her control and plans to kill her husband.

Innocent Lust (1977)

Innocent Lust mirrors Hollywoods current teen flicks where young adolescents go out looking for sex. Incensed by a friend that flaunt his sexy girlfriend in front of them, three young collegians take that as a challenge to find their own knock-out girlfriends. combing the streets and nightclubs, its innocence lost as they all find love via unadulterated sex with older, experienced women, misinterpreted love notes and advances of their female professors. They know what they did last summer.