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English Subtitles.

Electrical Girl (2001)

Electrical Girl centers around a h*rny young woman (Sophie Ngan) who has electrical genitals. When young Jan gets s&xually aroused, she emits bolts of electricity from various orifices.

Forbidden Love (1993)

A young female reporter is hot on the tail of a phony film producer who has been seducing innocent women. The twist is she also falls for his irresistible charm.

Severely R@pe (1998)

Fok, a forty-year old single virgin, heads to mainland China in search of love on the advice of a friend who wants to cheat him out of his money.

Girl Gang (1993)

A teenage girl falls in love with a pimp and is forced into prostitution. Amy, Michelle and Yan are three bored teen girls who run out of money and decide to trick a guy into paying for their dinner. Their behavior gets them the attention of a gang leader, Danny, who takes the eldest girl, Amy, as his girlfriend, but with the clear (to everyone but Amy) intention of making her into a hooker. Yan is also drawn into this gang, and the two do become hookers. When Michelle tries to get them out, she is targeted for revenge.

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