Mamoru Oshii Blackseries Cinema Trilogy Bonus Dallos Region Free Bluray


Mamoru Oshii Blackseries Cinema Trilogy Bonus Dallos Region Free Bluray

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Includes Red Spectacles, Stray Dogs and Talking Head upscaled to 1080p with English Subs.

BONUS:   Entire Dallos Series + Movie.


The Red Spectacles (1987)

A journalist. Two photographers. One infamous serial killer on the loose. DARKROOM FANTASIES is directed by Academy Award Winning Director Yojiro Takita.

Stray Dog (1991)

The Metropolitan Police’s ultimate crime-fighting unit was an elite squad of men and women known as the Kerberos. Refusing an order from the government officials to disarm led to a riot known as the Kerberos Uprising. At the centre of this riot was Koichi Todome, leader of the Kerberos squad. However, unlike his troops, when the riot was over, Koichi escaped. Now, three years later, Inui is released from prison. A member of the Kerberos squad who served jail time for his participation in the riot, he wants nothing more than to find his former master. However, the trail to Koichi is a twisted one involving a strange woman and a new and unimagined lifestyle. But when he finally finds him, he realizes that, instead of following his own path, he was following the orders of another.

Talking Head (1992)

A revered director with an obscure style, Rei Maruwa, has gone missing during the production of his latest animated feature, Talking Head. With the deadline approaching and next to no progress made, the producer calls in a “shadow director” with the ability to mimic any director’s style. Arriving at the studio, he begins meeting with the eccentric crew members in order to understand the project, but soon they begin dying in the same order that he met up with them.

Dallos (1983-1984)

In a near future, mankind has moved from a drained Earth to the Moon. Rebel acts of terrorism lead to conflicts with the Earth Federal Government. A mysterious entity called Dallos appears to restore hope.

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