Naomi Tani Collection 4 Films (1976-1977) Region Free Bluray


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English Subtitles for all.


Slave Wife (1976)

When a stuck-up and privileged lady of a wealthy family is left to fend for herself, her butler decides to teach her some overdue humility through BDSM.

Lady Moonflower (1976)

Kizaki kidnaps Yuriko and tortures her, taking photographs. Using the photos, he blackmails flower arrangement teacher Yumeji, Yuriko’s older sister.

Tattooed Flower Vase (1976)

Japanese erotic cinema mainstay Naomi Tani stars in director Masaru Konuma’s stylish “Roman Pink” film concerning an elegant widow and single mother whose relationship with a handsome young man sparks a bizarre rivalry between mother and daughter. Mrs. Yoshimo (Tani) lives a secluded life with her pretty teenage daughter Takako. The familial solitude is soon shattered, however, by the arrival of a mysterious but handsome man named Hideo. Hideo bears an uncanny resemblance to the man who claimed Mrs. Yoshimo’s virginity many years back, and now as old passions are reawakened a young girl begins to experience the urge to explore her s*xuality for the very first time.

Painful Bliss! Final Twist (1977)

A young executive has a really bad night after an encounter with a crazed bisexual wannabe yakuza and his horny girlfriend.