Phantasmes 1975 Jean Rollin Rare Collectors Edition Region Free Bluray Sealed


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These come direct from the manufacturer sealed.

This is the completely uncut version of Jean Rollin’s rarely seen Phantasmes, with newly translated English subtitles. There are two versions of the film included here: One is an uncut VHS rip which was slowed down to its original runtime and correctly subtitled for the first time ever. The second is an integral cut which uses footage from a 720p upscale of the American version of the film, placed back into the correct order and over top of the original French dialogue track and score for the first time ever. Additional extended sequences from the U.S. cut are also included here. Footage from the VHS rip had to be placed to fill the gaps that were chopped from the U.S. cut, so there are occasionally jumps in aspect ratio and quality. Even so, this is the still the best quality and most complete version of the film to date. You can watch this version with or without the newly translated English subtitles. If you have only seen this movie under the title The Seduction of Amy, you watched a version where over twenty minutes were cut and where scenes were placed in the incorrect order. Experience Phantasmes how it was meant to be seen! A must for Jean Rollin fans.