Redseries: Akihabara Trilogy (2006-2007) Region Free English Subtitles


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Contains all 3 films:

Legend of the Doll (2006)

Ryota, a collector of model figures, receives a box with doll parts from a mysterious shop in Akihabara. After assembling and customizing them, the figurine magically turns into real, android-like, woman named Airu. After learning how to speak more naturally, Airu finds a picture of Ryota’s ex-girlfriend Yuria and tries to understand what happened in their past.


Pretty Maid Cafe (2006)

Geeky Hideki can’t seem to catch a break, so his friend brings him to a café to cheer him up. But Hideki finds more than good service at the café; he falls in love with his waitress, Misaki, who is dressed in a maid’s uniform and caters to his every whim. He gets up the courage to ask her out … to go fishing. Will his inexperience chase Misaki away?


Cat Girl Kiki (2007)

Yoshirou, a secluded teenager, brings back home a stray cat after a car accident. The next morning the cat has turned into a nice girl, Kiki, who wants to be his girlfriend… Will catnip get in the way of their love?