Wicked Ghost 3 Film Collection (1999-2002) Region Free Bluray


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All 3 films in original Japanese with English Subtitles.

Wicked Ghost (1999)

Four youngsters playing the game of ‘Contacting Ghosts’. One of them sees a ghost with long hair and the horror begins.

A Wicked Ghost II: The Fear (2000)

A girl who commits suicide was raped by an abnormal serial rapist who had burnt himself to death. The ghost, who now possesses extraordinary power, swears to take revenge on a sexy policewoman as he was lured and arrested by her.

A Wicked Ghost III: The Possession (2002)

A production assistant finds a tablet in an outdoor filming location. She takes it with her but strange things start happening to the crew. Eventually, She realizes there is a vengeful spirit attached to the tablet, who wants to marry her.