Cynthia Rothrock Collection Two: China O’Brien / Irresistible Force / Lady Dragon 2 / Guardian Angel Region Free Bluray


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China O’Brien (1990)

A police woman, expert and instructor in martial arts, leaves the city to stay with her dad, sheriff in a town with peace and quiet – or so she thinks. She gets plenty opportunities to show her martial arts skills.


Irresistible Force (1993)

A disgruntled retiring cop and his new butt kicking female partner must take on a well-armed terrorist group that holds up a supermarket.


Lady Dragon 2 (1993)

A woman seeks revenge on the men who raped her and murdered her husband.


Guardian Angel (1994)

A wealthy playboy hires an attractive woman detective, turned bodyguard, to protect him from a psychotic seductress; the same woman who killed the detective’s lover just months before.