Shuji Terayama Collection Region Free Bluray 5 Films Throw Away Your Books Rally


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lackseries015.   5 films by Shuji Terayama on 1 CUSTOM Bluray/BD-R with Case/Insert as pictured.

Region Free.   Japanese with English Subtitles.
Excellent quality sources ranging from DVD to Bluray.
Throw Away Your Books, Rally in the Streets (1971)

An angst-ridden teen dealing with his dysfunctional family hits the streets. The story is inter-cut with various psychedelic, energetic vignettes.

Pastoral: To Die in the Country (1974)

A young boys’ coming of age tale set in a strange, carnivalesque village becomes the recreation of a memory that the director has twenty years later.

The Boxer (1977)

A young boxer accidentally kills an ex-boxing champion’s brother. He then approaches the ex-champ to train him to become the next champion.

Grass Labyrinth (1979)

A young man, haunted by his past, travels the land in search of the lyrics to a lullaby his mother used to sing to him.

Farewell to the Ark (1984)

A surreal, isolated village sees its inhabitants gradually leave behind their mutual traditions and superstitions as they leave for the city. Among them are two cousins who love each other and who get into a quarrel with other villagers.

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