Flower and Snake COMPLETE Collection Bluray All 5 Films Region Free Hana to hebi


Flower and Snake COMPLETE Collection Bluray All 5 Films Region Free Hana to hebi

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Blackseries16.   Custom Bluray in Thick Euro Style Case with Insert As pictured.  8 hours of Content.

Includes all 5 Flower and Snake films with English Subtitles:
Flower and Snake (1974)

The elderly Senzô Tôyama orders his employee, Makoto Katagiri, to kidnap and train his wife Shizuko in order to break her pride so that she will submit to his desires.

Flower and Snake: Sketch of Hell (1985)

Kaori Aso lives in the wealthy family. She lied to her stepmother that she has been kidnapped by somebody. Unfortunately, Aso’s accomplice really does kidnap her and her stepmother.

Flower and Snake: White Uniform Rope Slave (1986)

Perverted dentist and assistant drug and sexually abuse patients. Dentist becomes obsessed with busty patient and her lesbian lover, subjecting them to abuse with classical music.

Flower and Snake :Punishment (1986)

When successful business man refuses to save the business of his former business partner, his wife, a private teacher of written arts, and her student are kidnapped. The former business partner plans to execute his revenge by forcing both women into s*xual slavery and forcefully train them into becoming SM p*rn stars.

Flower and Snake: Ultimate Rope Discipline (1987)
A man’s gambling debts pile higher and higher and he is desperate enough to have to do something. Well, he can sell off the two women closest to himself of course. The yakuza are buyers of course. The sold mother and daughter are now s*xual slaves and while the mother attempts to bargain for her daughter’s freedom nothing gives. Escape is also futile.. or rather worse than remaining put.

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