Gokuaku bôzu – Wicked Priest 5 Film Collection – Region Free Bluray English Subs


Gokuaku bôzu – Wicked Priest 5 Film Collection – Region Free Bluray English Subs

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All 5 Wicked Priest Films on Custom Blackseries Region Free Bluray.

Sourced from DVD’s.   We corrected and rematted all the films in 16×9 (The DVD’s while decent quality had odd stretching).
Everything is upscaled perfectly to 1080p with proper English Subtitles.

Wicked Priest (1968)

During the Taisho Period (early 1920’s) a monastery of warrior monks was split apart between two factions. One of these factions was led by the Chief Abbot and his protégé Shinkai. When Shinkai intercedes in a fight between a rival priest and some ruffians it leads to his expulsion from the order.

Wicked Priest 2: Ballad of Murder (1968)

he long awaited second film in the Wicked Priest series is a masterpiece of sword swinging fury as Shinkai is asked by a man on the run to bring his young son to live with his grandfather, the master of a ju-jitsu dojo during the Taisho period of the early 20th century. Shinkai then runs afoul of a gangster group using strong-arm tactics to take over the profits from local gambling. When he proves to be more than they can handle, they hire the one man who has the ability to kill Shinkai and exact revenge, Ryotatsu, the karate priest whom Shinkai blinded in the first film.

Wicked Priest 3: A Killer’s Pilgrimage (1969)

Shinkai comes to the aid of a coastal village being held hostage by a group of political revolutionaries.

Wicked Priest 4: Killer Priest Comes Back (1970)

Wicked Priest Shinkai returns to his hometown of Nogata in Kyushu where he must face off against a gangster group who have taken over the area. Two yakuza gangs are vying for supremacy in the river transport business and Shinkai is called upon to help the river workers from being brutalized by these gangsters. Add to the mix a disgruntled former soldier who fought for Saigo Takamori and an unholy nun who has found a clever way to increase her pocket money that takes the wayward priest for a ride. 

Bloody battles ensue, leading up to the surprising alliance of Shinkai with his mortal enemy Ryotatsu, aka ”Whipmaster,” the karate expert priest whom he had blinded in the first film in the series.

Wicked Priest 5: Breaking the Commandments (1971)

As the Killer Priest Shinkai travels around Japan during the Meiji era, he comes to the aid of a village headman fighting corruption from up above. Before he can do anything for the townspeople, he must first face his nemesis, Whipmaster, the blind Priest, a master killer thirsting for revenge.

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