The Crimson Bat 1 – 4 Blackseries Collection Region Free Bluray English Subtitles


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Sourced from HD all 4 films on 1 Bluray with English Subtitles.

Crimson Bat, the Blind Swordswoman (1969)

A young blind girl is abandoned by her mother. When her guardian is killed, she learns to wield a sword from a traveling “Ronin”. She travels to seek her mother and her revenge.

Trapped, Crimson Bat (1969)

Blind swordswoman Oichi ponders whether a life of peace might be better than killing criminals for money.

Watch Out, Crimson Bat! (1969)

Oichi, the blind swordswoman, receives a scroll with a secret message from a dying courier, that must be handed to Murobuse, a high officer of the Shogunate. Her path is full of obstacles that delay her, or put her life in danger, from hungry orphans to a dagger thrower in a carnival, from robbers to a rival samurai… Will the secret of how to produce a new kind of explosive fall in the wrong hands?

Crimson Bat, Wanted Dead or Alive (1970)

Oichi, the blind bounty hunter, frees a woman from unjust prison and is now hunted by order of the local magistrate. She is concerned with the poor fishermen, who are oppressed and robbed by a gang in collusion with the authorities.