Death Forest 1 – 5 Blackseries Collection Region Free Bluray English Subtitles


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All 5 films on 1 Bluray with English Subtitles.

Death Forest (2014)

On their way home from a camping trip, a group of friends become stuck in an eerie forest when their car breaks down. There, they meet a mysterious stranger who warns of monsters lurking in the forest – will they make it out alive? Based on the popular computer game of the same name.

Death Forest 2 (2015)

A high school drama club has a training camp at an ex-school building near a dark forest. Troubled student Kizuki (Yuka Kuramochi) suddenly joins the drama club on the day they go to the training camp, but Kizuki doesn’t take part in their practice.

Death Forest 3 (2015)

Uchida Mayu is a high school student in a peaceful town near Tokyo. She suffers from violence from her stepfather and plans to run away to her uncle’s home in Tokyo. As she is about to board the last bus to Tokyo, a terrible looking old person causes her to miss the bus. She attempts to walk across a ridge. Meanwhile, Mayu’s uncle Uchida Kazuki is a freelancer writer. He chases after the hideous monster Yoshie who attacks people. Kazuki receives a phone call that his niece Mayu ran away. He begins a search for her and finds her cellphone on a mountain path. He sees Yoshie’s picture on her cellphone.

Death Forest 4 (2016)

They took a bad turn when they took the short cut to their house. Their car broke down and they can’t escape the forest.

Death Forest 5 (2016)

People begin to see the creepy white face monster Yoshie in Shibuya.